Saturday, 25 March, 2023

Russians were given access to a free service

The Russian social network Odnoklassniki has launched a free online consultation service with doctors.

It is co-founded with the telemedicine service Doctis. All residents of Russia can get medical care. “The availability of high-quality medical care is particularly relevant during the threat of infection with seasonal colds and the COVID-19 pandemic,” the report says.

Doctors ‘ consultations are conducted in the format of voice and video calls. The conversation is recorded — this will allow you to review the online appointment and once again hear the recommendations of doctors. The reception is held in the official group of the telemedicine service in Odnoklassniki from 11: 00 to 16: 00. You can arrange the time of consultation with the therapist via messages in the group. At the appointed time, the doctor on duty will contact the user via a video call.

“In the future, we plan to develop cooperation with Doctis and open up even more opportunities for users to communicate with doctors inside the social network,” Alexander Volodin, Director of development and strategic partnership of the Russian social network, said about the plans.

Doctis CEO Andrey Avramenko, in turn, noted that now access to medicine is open even for those who are ” physically located on another continent or even a space station.”

On April 22, Odnoklassniki launched a live video call for two and a group call for up to 100 participants. This was made possible thanks to the technologies implemented by the developers of the social network. The new features will not only be a place to communicate with friends and family, but also help you solve work tasks online.