Saturday, 25 March, 2023

Departure of the plane with Navalny to Germany was delayed

The flight of the plane with the opposition leader Alexey Navalny from Omsk to Germany was delayed until Saturday morning. This is reported by TASS with reference to the Ministry of health of the region.

The flight was postponed due to the demands of the German air carriers ‘ Union.

“At the request of the German medical team, the flight will be delayed until the morning of August 22. This is due to the requirements of the German air carriers ‘Union, which regulate the working conditions of flight personnel,” the Ministry said in a statement.

German doctors arrived in Omsk earlier on August 21 to get acquainted with Navalny’s condition and research results. Alexander Murakhovsky, the chief doctor of the city’s emergency hospital No. 1, explained that the opposition leader’s condition is assessed as unstable and he should not be transported, so as not to risk his life, because his condition may change during takeoff or landing.

The main diagnosis given to Navalny is “metabolic disorders”. As Murakhovsky clarified, he had a violation of the carbohydrate balance and caused a sharp drop in blood sugar. Doctors also reported that Navalny’s blood and urine did not show any poisons or traces of their presence.

Navalny became ill in the morning of August 20 during a flight from Tomsk to Moscow, the plane urgently landed in Omsk, from where the opposition leader was taken by ambulance to the Department of Toxicological resuscitation. As a preliminary diagnosis made him “poisoning by unidentified psychodisleptics” (hallucinogen). Navalny’s press Secretary claimed that on the day of departure, He did not eat anything and only drank tea in a coffee shop at the Tomsk airport. The Kremlin assured that Navalny will be able to go abroad for treatment if the need arises.